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Welcome to Old Growth Outdoors, your source for information on all manner of hiking, camping, bushcraft, hunting and fishing supplies, tactical gear, and basically anything else related to enjoying nature. Whether you want to live off the land, boat a bass, drop a deer, or just spend some quality time out in the woods – we have you covered. Old Growth Outdoors offers both general and specific information on outdoor living skills and gear, so you have what you need and know how to use it while you are out in nature. For some equipment and supplies we provide detailed reviews and comparisons, to help you make an informed decision when you decide to buy your gear.

Bushcraft Knowledge

bushcraft skillsTimes have changed, and most of our society has forgotten the skills necessary to survive – and thrive – in nature. We think that is a shame, and strive to provide content to keep bushcraft knowledge alive. That is why we have posts on crucial skills, like how to build a fire or how to easily split firewood.

We also look at some of the gear you need to practice bushcraft, like tarps and backpacks, as well as essential tools such as bushcraft saws, bushcraft tomahawks, and bushcraft axes and hatchets. And since those items are sharp, we also cover bushcraft axe skills you should master.

All About Axes

AxesThe axe is not limited to just bushcraft use – it is one of the most useful tools for all manner of outdoor living. Having the right axes at your disposal can make all the difference when it comes to camping, building fires, clearing land, and a number of other pursuits.

To help you master this class of tools, we give insight into a variety of types, like tomahawks, backpacking hatchets, and splitting mauls. We give detailed tutorials on essentials like how to sharpen an axe (and the best axe sharpener to use) and how to chop down a tree. We also give you alternative methods, including using a felling wedge to drop a tree just where you want.

When we come across specific axes we think are great we will do stand alone reviews so you can easily understand their features. For examples, check out our reviews of the Fiskars X7 and the Estmans Sportsman’s Axe.

Knife Know-How

knifeAnother important tool for spending time outdoors is the knife. A good bushcraft knife is worth its weight in gold in a survival situation, and also extremely handy if you are just camping or going on a hike. That’s why we spend a lot of time on knives at Old Growth Outdoors. We cover everything from recreational variations like the best whittling knives and chip carving knives, to more specific types like camping knives and fighting knives.

Since there are so many different types of knives available – each with their own strengths and intended use – we also look at some of the more exotic types, like our review of the best kukri for the money. We also hone in on specific brands from time to time, like our roundup of the best Rapala fillet knives or our review of the Morakniv Companion. And of course we give you knife instruction too – like our guide to sharpening a pocket knife.

Creative Camping

camping outdoorsMost of us are not going to fully embrace primitive living as a lifestyle, but more and more people are discovering the joys of camping. At Old Growth Outdoors we think that is fantastic, and try to do all we can to encourage the trend.

One interesting type of camping that caught our eye is hammock camping. We’ve written a number of guides to help educate people on this great pastime, like two-person hammock camping, hammock camping with your dog, and hammock camping in the winter. We also have equipment-specific posts such as which size tarp to use for hammock camping, and essential gear for hammock camping.

Survival Success

survival skillsWe hope that you never are put in a tight survival position, where your skills are all that keep you from perishing. But the more time you spend hunting, hiking, and camping the more likely you may face that scenario. That is why we like to publish material that can give you a survival edge if the need arises.

For example, we have posts teaching you practical skills like how to use your watch as a compass or how to season firewood quickly. Our post on waterproofing cotton has also proved to be very popular. And our coverage of hunting topics like the best hunting spears and the best deer feeders might keep you from going hungry somewhere down the road.

Go-To Gear

gear for outdoorsNo outdoor site would be complete without information about the latest gear for camping, hiking, and surviving in nature. And when it comes to outdoor equipment, Old Growth Outdoors has your back.

One of the most popular categories of outdoor gear is watches. That is why we wrote a huge roundup of the best survival watches. We also found that two specific models are contending for the attention of nature lovers, so we wrote an in-depth comparison of the G-Shock Rangeman vs Mudman watches. Don’t pick your next outdoor watch without reading them first.

We also review other types of gear, like sledgehammers for splitting wood, pocket chainsaws, and the best folding saws for the money. That doesn’t complete our look at ways to cut wood – we also review backpacking saws and splitting wedges, in case you need one of those in your pack. And don’t miss our review of wood burning backpacking stoves that allow you to cook on the trail.

Then there is our massive guide to survival gear. If you are looking to fill a bug out bag that is the place to start.