The Best Axe Sharpener to Buy in 2019

Sharpening your axe doesn’t have to be done with a file or honing puck. Instead, you can use an axe sharpener for an easy, fast, and effective sharpening job that will make your axe blade sharp enough to shave with.

Out of all the axe sharpeners we’ve tested and reviewed, the Smith’s axe sharpener came out on top as the best axe sharpener for its simple and effective design

Twenty pulls across the edge with this axe sharpener will take about two minutes and give your axe blade a razor sharp edge.

The axe sharpener weighs less than a pound and easily fits in your truck toolbox whenever you may need it when you’re out in the woods.

Other customers agree that this axe sharpener is a great deal.

The Smith’s axe sharpener has 4.4 stars with 170+ Amazon reviews at the time of writing.

If you’re looking for an axe sharpener that simply works every time, check out the Smith’s axe sharpener on Amazon.

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Smith’s Axe Sharpener Review

Smith's 50582 Axe and Machete Sharpener
240 Reviews
Smith's 50582 Axe and Machete Sharpener
  • Quickly sharpens a dull axe, hatchet, or machete with just a few easy pulls
  • Durable, plastic head for easier sharpening
  • Oversized handle allows for use with gloves
  • Large safety guard; Cleaning brush, with wire bristles, stores in the handle
  • Replaceable carbide blades; Abrasive: Premium Carbides; Grit: Coarse


Quickly and easily sharpens axe blades with only a few pulls. Included brush takes off burrs and folds into handle afterwards. Large handle makes using with gloves easy.


Plastic handle is surprisingly durable. Sharpening stones show no signs of wear even after sharpening 20+ axe heads.


Three year limited replacement warranty.

Covers manufacturing defects and part replacement at consent of manufacturer.

Overall Value

Great portable axe sharpener that gets the job done time and time again. Easy and intuitive design makes it a joy to use. Costs less than the average sharpening stone and requires no oil.


  • Easily removes damage from blade
  • Quickly sharpens axe blade in a few pulls across
  • Doesn’t require any oil or maintenance
  • Over-sized handle makes it easy to use with gloves
  • Includes wire brush that removes burrs and folds into handle afterwards
  • Portable design weighs less than a pound and size of pocketbook
  • Can be picked up for under $10 at the time of writing


  • More work than using an automatic grinder

The Smith’s axe sharpener makes quick work of any axe blade. The axe sharpener has a pair of sharpening stones on the front that are angled perfectly to sharpen an axe blade.  

Put your axe in a vice or hold it steady and give it a few pulls with this axe sharpener.


The stones will remove metal damage such as nicks and scratches, leaving you with a razor sharp axe blade.

We tested the Smith’s axe sharpeneron our dull test axe and after 20 pulls across the blade it was sharp enough to shave hair off one team member’s wrist.

One concern of our when purchasing the Smith’s axe sharpener was the plastic handle. We weren’t sure if the handle would break if accidentally dropped while sharpening.

Upon receiving the axe sharpener, we were pleasantly surprised to find the plastic handle to be more durable than we expected. The handle feels solid and gives a solid grip on the sharpener that feels good in the hand.

The plastic handle also helps balance the axe sharpener and focuses the weight into the sharpening stones on the front to help you perform consistent pulls.

We were pleasantly surprised with how the plastic handle helped the usability of the axe sharpener and made it fun to use.

The over-sized grip of the handle lets you use it with gloves. Whether it’s a dull blade or a razor sharp blade after a few passes, either can give you a nasty cut that you’d be smart to avoid by wearing thick gloves.

The over-sized handle earns great marks for being easy to use with personal protective equipment and shows the thought and testing put into the design of this axe sharpener.

The sharpening stones are fine grit dry sharpening stones that don’t require any honing oil or maintenance. Despite being fine stones, they performed an excellent job of removing nicks and metal damage from our test axe blade.

The angle of the sharpening stones works the full edge throughout the pull to remove damage and leave behind a sharp edge, earning it great marks for effectiveness.

Also included with the Smith’s axe sharpener is a metal wire brush that folds into the handle.

Sharpening any kind of blade leaves behind a burr on the blade that must be worn away to reveal the true sharpness of the new edge.

The fold-in wire brush comes in handy after sharpening if you have any metal burrs to remove.

A few brushes against the edge of the blade removes the burr and leaves a scary sharp edge that’s ready to take on any job. The brush folds into the handle afterwards to make sure that you never lose it and always have it handy.

The brush worked just as intended in our tests and removed the metal burrs with little effort while leaving the new edge undamaged.

smiths axe sharpener in the woods

The great utility of this axe sharpener is aided by its portability.

The Smith’s axe sharpener weighs less than a pound and is roughly the size of a small pocketbook.

This axe sharpener is perfect throwing in your truck toolbox if you’re on the way to use your axe someplace other than your home.

You can easily carry around this tool without a second thought and pull it out when your axe needs a quick touch up. Instead of carrying around a loose set of files, sharpening stones, and oils, you can instead carry around this axe sharpener and get the job done quicker.

Overall the Smith’s axe sharpener is the best axe sharpener for the money.

This axe sharpener removes nicks and damage from axe blades with ease while bringing them to a razor sharp edge after only a few pulls and includes a folding wire brush for easy burr removal.

The Smith’s axe sharpener is the total package for sharpening your axe anytime, anyplace.

If you want the best axe sharpener, we recommend you check out the Smith’s axe sharpener on Amazon where you can find it for a great deal.

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