Top 4 Best Bushcraft Saws For The Money

Here’s the deal:

Bushcraft saws are awesome tools that really broaden your survival potential and make your life easier when out in the bush.

Cutting up firewood, sawing sticks for making traps, cutting wood for shelter and more is all much easier with a good bushcraft saw.

Compared to a bushcraft hatchet or axe, saws are more precise and allow you to cut wood to the exact length you want without needing to chop and shape it.

Plus, sawing down trees and branches is much more straightforward with a saw. What may take you many swings with a hatchet may only take you a few seconds of sawing to blast through a tree.

If you’re looking for a bushcraft saw, I’ve done all the work for you and found what I believe are the four best bushcraft saws on the market.

If you’re short on time, I’ve put together my list of the best bushcraft saws in a quick-reference table below.

Best Budget
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade, 7 TPI
Best Overall
Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Green Handle, All-Purpose Blade
Corona RazorTOOTH  Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D
Folding Saw 21 inch Blade
Blade Length
7-1/2 inches
21 inches
10 inches
21 inches
0.88 lbs (0.4 kg)
1 lb (0.45kg)
0.8 lbs (0.36 kg)
1 lb (0.45 kg)
from $36.92
Best Budget
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade, 7 TPI
Blade Length
7-1/2 inches
0.88 lbs (0.4 kg)
Best Overall
Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Green Handle, All-Purpose Blade
Blade Length
21 inches
1 lb (0.45kg)
Corona RazorTOOTH  Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D
Blade Length
10 inches
0.8 lbs (0.36 kg)
Folding Saw 21 inch Blade
Blade Length
21 inches
1 lb (0.45 kg)
from $36.92

Why Should You Use a Bushcraft Saw?

I know many people who prefer a traditional bushcraft axe when they’re out in the bush. While they’ll get the job done fine, there’s a better way to approach bushcraft.

Bushcraft saws offer cleaner and more precise cuts in half the time it would take a bushcraft axe to do the same job. Instead of chopping and splitting a tree for firewood, you can cut the tree and saw each log to give you a massive pile of firewood in no time.

Bushcraft saws also have the benefit of being smaller and lighter than hatchets and axes. While your lightest hatchets will weigh about 1.3lbs, many folding saws weigh under 1lb yet they can still saw trees larger than small hatchets can handle.

Using a bushcraft saw also helps preserve calories too. Instead of swinging a hatchet to chop away at wood, you can use a sawing motion with a bushcraft saw that focuses all the energy into the wood.

There’s little wasted energy with bushcraft saws, making them able to do the same jobs in half the time with a quarter of the effort.

Now that we’ve covered the advantages of using a bushcraft saw, let’s dive into my picks of the best bushcraft saws

Agawa BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw – Overall Best Bushcraft Saw

boreal21 bushcraft saw

Agawa’s BOREAL21 folding bow saw is one of my favorite choices when it comes to folding saws for bushcraft. The super sharp blade, lightweight frame, and easy to use design make this one of my favorites that makes it worth the money.

Pros & Cons

  • Very aggressive and sharp blade chews through super large logs easily
  • Uses any standard 21-inch bow saw blade
  • Automatically maintains perfect tension
  • Durable frame withstands tough jobs
  • Lightweight and portable at 1.2lbs
  • No worrying about losing parts
  • More expensive than other saws, but pays off in the long run with blade replacement costs


If you’re wanting one of the best bushcraft saws on the market, I’d encourage you to give the BOREAL21 a look.

Super Sharp Saw Blade

Starting with the blade, you’ll find a super sharp hardened-steel dry wood bow saw blade that comes standard with this saw. The factory blade has plenty of power to blast through tough logs with ease.

This saw can clear cut trees and branches up to 6-inches thick in just a few seconds. Whether you’re looking to rack up a pile of firewood, cut branches for making traps, or cutting trees to make yourself a survival shelter, this saw makes everything quicker and easier.

Quick Deployment & Storage

Speaking of quick, let’s talk about how the blade is deployed. You can quickly unfold and fold the blade of the BOREAL21 without needing to touch the blade or mess with any lose parts.

Simply unhinge the handle, unfold the frame, and lock the handle back into place to tension the and secure the saw blade.

boreal21 folding

The weather-resistant nylon handle sits at the perfect angle for sawing with both power and comfort. You can also put your other hand on top of the aluminum frame for a two-handed grip to give you more power for faster sawing.

When you’re ready to fold the saw up again, simply unlock the handle, fold the frame back around on itself, and lock the handle again to completely enclose the blade in the frame. There’s no risk of the blade cutting up your gear or getting damaged.

Size & Portability

While folded, this saw measures 21.5-inch long and about 2-inches thick on the largest face. The high-strength aluminum frame keeps the saw lightweight at only 1.2lbs without sacrificing durability and strength during tough saw jobs.

Easy & Cheap to Replace Blades

One of my favorite features about this saw that’s hard to find with other saws is the cost-effectiveness of replacement blades. While other saws typically have blades that cost nearly as much, if not more, than the saw itself, this saw uses any standard 21-inch bow saw blade.

That means that instead of dropping $20 on a replacement blade, you can instead go to the hardware store and pick up dry wood bow saw blades for $5 a piece all day long!

Plus, changing the saws on this blade is quick and easy. All it takes is a flathead screwdriver and you can switch out blades in about 30 seconds time.

Great Warranty

As far as warranty goes, Agawa offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, but not normal wear and tear on the bow saw blade. I’ve also heard that Agawa’s customer service is excellent, so that’s a plus too.

My Opinion

Overall, I think the Agawa BOREAL21 bushcraft bow saw is a great choice for those who are wanting to step up their bushcraft potential. The super sharp saw blade chews through thick 7-inch diameter trees like a starving beaver.

Easy to Use

You’ll find the folding system easy to use and intuitive. Plus, there’s no parts to lose unlike other folding bow saws. I especially like how quickly it folds and unfolds without needing to touch the blade or worry about tensioning it.

Good Portability

folded boreal21 saw

If you’re worried about size, while the it may take up 21.5-inch in length when closed, the width is only 2-inches x 1-inch on the other faces. The saw also only weighs 1.2lbs, making it very lightweight and perfect for carrying in a backpack.

Cost Effective

Finally, one unique thing that I’ve found few other folding saws offer is the cost-effective replacement blades.

Instead of needing to buy a $20 replacement blade that costs as much as the saw itself, all it takes is $5 and a quick trip to the hardware store. Buy yourself a dry wood bow saw blade, switch it out in under 60 seconds and your saw is ready for another trip out into the bush.

Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Green Handle, All-Purpose Blade
96 Reviews
Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Green Handle, All-Purpose Blade
  • Take the BOREAL21 wherever you go - camping, backpacking, canoeing, off-trail, hunting, trail clearing or around the home.
  • Opens in seconds - just unfold, snap into position & start sawing
  • Automatic blade tensioning with no loose parts - No need to touch the blade while opening & closing
  • Compact (21"/53") & Lightweight (17oz/480g)
  • High clearance aluminum frame, glass filled nylon handle, stainless steel hardware

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw – Best Budget Bushcraft Saw

bahco laplander bushcraft saw

If you’re looking to bushcraft on a budget and want a low-cost bushcraft saw that can run with the big dogs, check out the Bahco Laplander folding saw.

You’ve probably already heard about this saw, and it’s certainly not my first time writing about it. This saw has made a name for itself as a low cost, highly effective folding saw that can withstand pain and punishment through the toughest sawing jobs.

Pros & Cons

  • Super sharp and aggressive 7-inch blade easily chews through wood
  • Safely locks in the folded and unfolded positions
  • Rust-resistant coating helps prevent corrosion
  • Lightweight at 0.9lbs
  • Durable handle with non-slip rubber grip
  • Budget friendly
  • Field tested by many thousands of people with great reviews
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Need to buy special replacement blades
  • Can’t saw logs as large as the BOREAL21 can
  • Might be hard to find on the forest floor if you drop it


Kicking off the massive features list of the Bahco Laplander, I’ll start with the saw blade.

Great Saw Blade

The Laplander’s 7-inch saw blade comes razor-sharp out the package and has no trouble chewing clear through tough trees and logs up to 6-inches thick. If you rotate the saw while cutting, you can potentially cut logs up to 12-inches in diameter. It goes without saying, this saw packs a punch!

laplander sawing through branch

Its saw blade comes with a baked on black rust-resistant coating that helps keep the steel rust free while also reducing friction when sawing. Lower friction means your saw is a lot less likely to get stuck while sawing through thick and sappy wood.

Safe Folding Locks

One important aspect of every tool is safety. A nice feature about the Laplander is that is locks in both the open and closed positions. There’s no worrying about the saw accidently opening in your pack and tearing up your gear.

Simply use the lever lock on the handle to fold and unfold your saw without needing to worry about the sharp blade accidently opening or closing.

Handle Features & Issues

You’ll find the Laplander’s handle fits great in the hand with its ergonomic nylon handle with non-slip black rubber grip. This grip helps you keep control over the saw when chewing through tough trees, even during nasty wet weather.

One thing I didn’t like about the Laplander’s handle was the dark-green plastic and black color combination. When you throw in the black blade, it gets even worse.

If you don’t see the issue with what I’m talking about, imagine this:

You’re walking along a trail, your saw is in your pack, but you left a zipper open. You hear a thud on the forest floor behind you, and notice your saw is missing.

Unless you know exactly where the saw fell among the leaves, there’s a slim to none chance that you’ll spot the dark-color saw among the foliage.

This isn’t a deal breaker however, as you can just put a piece of orange tape, giving it more contrast among ground foliage, making it easier to spot.

Size & Portability

Carrying the Laplander is made much easier by its compact size and lightweight. Measuring in at about 8-inches when closed, the saw doesn’t take up too much space. It shouldn’t be too hard to find room in your pack for this bushcraft saw.

bahco laplander in hand

Considering the saw only weighs 0.9lbs, you also won’t have to worry about weighing down your pack with a heavy bushcraft saw.

Budget Friendly

If you didn’t notice the title at the beginning, I chose the Bahco Laplander as the best budget bushcraft axe. That’s because this is one of the lowest cost bushcraft saws despite packing incredible power and value.

About Replacement Blades

If you’re wondering about replacement blades, I’ve got some mixed news for you.

The good news is that the Laplander’s hardened steel saw blade should last you a good long while of tough sawing and bushcraft tasks.

The bad news is that the Laplander’s blades Bahco Laplander offers good power, portability, and value for a great budget price.

While I don’t particularly like how easy it may be to lose the saw among the forest floor given its dark colors, it should be easy to fix with a strip of bright orange tape on the handle.

I also don’t like how the saw’s replacement blades cost just as much as a brand-new saw.

Apart from these two issues, the Bahco Laplander is a super sharp, durable, portable and dependable bushcraft saw that every bush crafter should consider throwing into their pack.

You’ll like how quickly and easily it chews through tough wood for when you need to gather firewood, get wood for setting traps, or harvest larger logs for making a survival shelter.

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade, 7 TPI
2,333 Reviews
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade, 7 TPI
  • General purpose folding saw with an 7-1/2 -inch blade, 7 teeth per inch, for cutting both green and dry wood, plastic, or bone.
  • XT Toothing, 7 TPI. Blade is specially coated for rust protection and low friction.
  • Two-component plastic handle for perfect grip, with leather strap.
  • Specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers
  • Equipped with safety lock for both lock-in and lock-out

Sven 21-Inch Bushcraft Bow Saw Review

sven bushcraft saw side view

If you don’t mind a simpler mechanical bushcraft saw, the Sven bushcraft bow saw offers serious power without a high price tag.

A unique folding design separates this saw from the pack, and the hardened steel razor-sharp saw blades that Sven uses make this into a monster saw that can chew through wood like a hungry beaver.

Pros & Cons

  • Saw blade quickly and easily folds and unfolds
  • Saw blade is completely enclosed by frame when folded
  • Easy to tension to desired amount with wingnut
  • High strength aluminum frame withstands tough jobs
  • Super-sharp tempered steel bow saw blade cuts through tough logs with easy
  • Portable at 23” x 1-1/2” when closed
  • Weighs only 1lb
  • Wingnut doesn’t have a washer and tends to gouge the aluminum when tensioned
  • Possibility of dropping and losing the wingnut when unfolding, making the saw useless until you get another
  • Need to buy specialty replacement blades


The Sven folding saw has many unique features that makes it stand out from other saws. In classic fashion, we’ll start with the blade.

Hardened Steel Blade

Sven’s folding saw comes with a hardened-steel bow saw blade with razor-sharp teeth that blast through dense logs without much resistance. If you use two hands with this saw, you can even saw clear through thick 6-inch trees in under 20 seconds.

One unique feature about the saw blade is the threaded bolt on one end. The blade is designed this way so that you can manually tension it with the wingnut when unfolded.

When folded, this bolt sticks out the end of the frame. You “lock” the saw closed by fastening the wingnut to this bolt, preventing the blade from unfolding on you.

Unless you can manage to make your own saw blades with a 5/16-inch 18 thread bolt neck on the end, you’ll need to buy Sven’s special replacement blades for these saws. They don’t cost as much as the saw itself, which isn’t something I can say for a lot of other bushcraft saws.

Unique Folding Design

Compared to the traditional folding saw design, the Sven is very utilitarian and designed to be straightforward.

The Sven bushcraft saw is unfolded by loosening the wingnut near the butt of the frame, flipping out the saw blade, sticking it through the frame rack, and fastening the wingnut to secure and tension the saw.

Expect the whole process to take only a few seconds once you’re used to it. It’s very different than anything I’ve ever seen, but also beautifully simplifies the folding mechanism to a point where there’s little that can go wrong.

This simplified design would earn big points for being super reliable and dependable, except for one small factor.

About the Wingnut

Let’s talk about the wingnut for a second.

Does it work for tensioning the saw blade and locking the saw open/closed??


BUT, is it the most reliable way to build a folding saw?


Why? Imagine this:

Nightfall snuck up on you fast approaching while you’re out in the bush. At the very least you need to get a survival fire going, and hopefully get a shelter built, otherwise you’re in for a hard night.

You get your trusty Sven folding saw out your backpack and loosen the wingnut, so you can unfold the saw blade. But your hands are so cold and freezing that your numb fingers managed to drop the wingnut among the forest floor.


Good luck finding that small 5/16-inch wingnut. Sven even jokes about not losing your wingnuts on their homepage.

sven saw homepage wingnuts info

See the issue?

While the folding mechanism itself may be reliable and unlikely to break, if you lose the wingnut, you’re out of luck. That saw is no good until you can source a 5/16-inch 18 thread wingnut from your garage or local hardware store.

Now, that’s not to say you can’t attach the wingnut to the frame via a small cable and spinner hooks. You absolutely can, and I recommend you do if you buy this bushcraft saw.

Another thing I recommend you do is bring a washer along underneath your wingnut. When tensioning the wingnut, it tends to gouge into the frame messing up the finish of the metal. While this is merely a cosmetic issue, having a washer underneath the wingnut helps make tensioning the blade easier too.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame

Speaking of the frame, the Sven folding saw has a high-strength yet lightweight aluminum frame that doesn’t bow or bend during heavy sawing. Measuring about 23” x 1-1/2” when closed, the saw can easily fit into a backpack and carrying the 1lb saw shouldn’t add too much weight to your pack either.

Manufacturer Warranty

Sven is based out of Sweden, and it’s where these saws are made. They offer an international warranty on their products that covers materials and workmanship quality for the life of the product, but not replacement blades.

My Opinion

Overall, I like the Sven folding saw for its sheer simplicity, power, and reliability. That is, given you don’t lose your wingnut.

Seriously, if you buy this saw, get some small gauge wire and a spinner hook to secure the wingnut to your saw. After you take care of this issue, this saw is amazing!

It’s got an incredible amount of raw power that just chews clear through wood up to 7-inches thick without much effort. Two-hand the durable aluminum frame and you’ll cut through tough trees in 15 seconds or less.

If you’re wanting an incredibly portable, lightweight, and powerful bushcraft saw I recommend you check out the 21” Sven folding bow saw.

Folding Saw 21 inch Blade
377 Reviews
Folding Saw 21 inch Blade
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in United States

Corona RazorTOOTH 10-Inch Folding Bushcraft Saw Review

corona razerooth bushcraft saw

If you’re wanting a super sharp ergonomic bushcraft saw that’s ready-to-go right out the box without any second thoughts or effort required, I recommend you check out the Corona RazorTOOTH 10-inch folding bushcraft saw.

Pros & Cons

  • Super sharp blade chews through wood
  • Tempered steel designed to stay sharp for long service life
  • Great for cutting logs from 5” to 6” in diameter
  • Curved blade helps saw cut faster with less effort
  • Chrome blade coating reduces friction and protects from rust
  • Locks in both open and closed positions
  • Lightweight at 0.8lbs
  • Ergonomic rubber-lined handle provides comfortable and sturdy grip
  • Great budget price
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Curved handle exposes a few teeth when closed creating a small gap
  • Saw blade goes through area where cord would thread through lanyard hole, meaning it could cut any lanyard cord used
  • Replacement blades cost just as much as the saw itself


Corona’s RazorTOOTH folding saw is packed full of features that make it a great contender for the best bushcraft saw.

From the sharp chrome-plated blade, to the ergonomic hi-viz handle, this saw is a great low-cost package that offers the power and portability required for hardcore bushcraft.

Sharp Chrome-Plated Saw Blade

Corona’s saw blades live up to their branding of RazorTOOTH, these saws are incredibly sharp. The saw teeth are triple-sided, giving them excellent cutting power during both pull and push strokes. You can also expect a long-lasting edge since the saw blade’s steel is impulse hardened to make the it denser and more durable.

You may have noticed the curved shape of the 10-inch saw blade. The curved shape helps the saw cut more without needing any extra downforce from the user. Simply pull the saw back and forth while letting it rest on the wood for the best results. This helps the saw cut cleanly, effortlessly, and super-fast.

corona razerTOOTH bushcraft saw in action

To help the saw blade glide through wood, Corona also plates the steel with a chrome layer that reduces friction between the saw blade and wood.

This helps keep the saw blade from getting stuck while sawing, making your job easier while the blade glides clear through logs up to 6-inch in diameter.

Great Safety Locks

When your saw blade is this sharp, you’ll appreciate a reliable set of locks to keep the blade secure. The RazorTOOTH’s locks secure the blade in both the open and closed positions. There’s no worrying about the saw unfolding in your backpack and shredding your gear to bits.

The locks are operated via a lever lock on the back of the handle. When the lever is depressed, the folding mechanism unlocks, allowing you to safely fold or unfold the saw.

Hi-Viz Ergonomic Handle

Unlike the Laplander’s low-visibility color scheme, the Corona RazorTOOTH will be easy to spot on the forest floor in case you drop it. Hi-viz red nylon plastic is used as the base of the handle around the aluminum frame

The plastic is ergonomically molded to reduce hand strain and make sawing easier even in awkward positions such as when you’re pruning a tree branch.

To help you get a solid grip on the handle, black non-slip rubber creates a relief grip that sticks solid in your hand even during wet and nasty conditions.

Lightweight and Great for Taking on the Go

It’s important that your bushcraft saw is lightweight and easy to take on the go. The Corona RazorTOOTH saw weighs in at about 0.8lbs making it an incredibly lightweight tool that won’t bog down your pack.

Slipping this saw into your pack shouldn’t be too big of an issue either, given that it takes up about 12-inches total when closed. Not too hard to find some space in your pack to slip it in.

Manufacturer Warranty

Corona warranties these saws with a limited lifetime warranty that covers materials defects and workmanship quality. It doesn’t cover the saw blades when they wear out, but if the frame or other parts break during normal use, I reckon it should be covered.

My Opinion

Overall, Corona’s RazorTOOTH 10-inch folding saw is a great choice for people who are wanting a cost-effective bushcraft saw that doesn’t sacrifice much in terms of power and performance.

I especially like the razor-sharp saw blade with triple-sided teeth that chew through wood with ease. The curved blade design makes your strokes more effective at cutting through wood than normal flat saw blades while requiring less down force from the user.

Another thing I really like about the RazorTOOTH is the hi-viz handle that makes it stand out against any brush you might lose it in. Being able to set this saw down incase your hands are full and then be able to easily find and pick it back up again is a huge advantage over the stock Bahco Laplander.

If you’re wanting to get one of the best bushcraft saws for a budget price, I recommend you check out the Corona RazorTOOTH 10-inch folding saw.

Corona RazorTOOTH  Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D
894 Reviews
Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D
  • 3 SIDED RAZOR TEETH FOR EFFICIENT CUTTING: 10" blade is ideal for cutting 5" - 6" diameter, small to medium, branches.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED, COMFORTABLE, CO-MOLDED HANDLE: Provides a comfortable grip for extended use.
  • EASY TO LATCH BLADE PREVENTS INJURY WHEN NOT IN USE: Folding blade is curved, taper-ground, and replaceable.
  • IMPULSE HARDENED TEETH FOR LONG SERVICE LIFE: Extends the life of the tool season after season.
  • UP TO 6 TEETH PER INCH AND CURVED BLADE DESIGN FOR FASTER CUTTING: Cuts are smoother and quicker than a tradtional saw.


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