The 6 Best Camping Knives to Buy in 2018

Camping knives are one of the most valuable tools when it comes to versatility and surviving the wilderness. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or surviving outdoors, you can never go wrong by having a trusty knife by your side.

For all-around utility that is useful in any situation, look to ESEEs LSP Laserstrike Fixed Blade Knife. It can tackle just about any job and end up on the other side without a scratch ready for more.

If you want a brand that’s famous for its dependability, heft, sharpness, and status, try Fallkniven's A1. This knife inspires copycats, fakes, and imitators, but you can get the real deal that offers the total package on Amazon.​

For Made-In-America quality with no substitutes allowed, checkout the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Knife. Perfect for all-around utility and bush crafting, you can depend on this knife and its superb warranty to take with you anywhere.

For an everyday carry knife that is well-suited for people with small handle, check out Ontario Knife Company's Ranger Falcon Knife. Built with high quality materials in Canada, this knife lives in the bush, but is happy to offer utility wherever you carry it.

If you plan on facing hell and back and want a razor-sharp, dependable knife to bring with you, all for under $100, look to SOG's virtually unbreakable Fixed Blade SE-38N, which comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath, perfect for operators.

For the best survival and camping knife under $50, Harnd's Folding Hunting Knife is for you. This thing is built like a brick in durability, while weighing significantly less and being far more useful.

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ESEE Knives LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade Knife

esee lsp laser strike fixed blade knife



Perfect for all around utility for camping and survival situations




High-quality,real deal materials, you could use this thing as a pry bar




Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


Overall Value


Near-perfect durable knife covered by a superb warranty


  • Micarta scale handle extremely grippy
  • 1095 carbon steel holds a wicked sharp edge
  • High-quality molded kydex sheath
  • Extremely rugged


  • Uncoated areas on the bevel will need occasional oiling

The Laser Strike by ESEE is a great all-around camping knife for campers, hikers, and bush craft hobbyists of all levels of experience. The 4.75-inch full tang blade is made from 1095 High Carbon steel, meaning that although it will require extra maintenance and care, the results will show in the superb edge quality of this knife. The factory coating helps to prevent corrosion; however, it will need oiling on the exposed steel of the blade.

The sheath is a durable Kydex that fits the knife nicely. Carrying the knife in a pack or on hip shouldn’t be of any difficulty. The knife sports a beautiful yet utilitarian design that will make any outdoorsman envious.

The hand grips are very sturdy yet comfortable and constructed from a durable Micarta. With a 4.75-inch blade, it is a bit beefier than some knives; however, it is very well balanced for both fine cuts and chopping, making it an excellent choice for an all-around camping knife. Chop, cut, stab, slash or pry, I would not doubt this knife in any scenario, which is why this knife gets the title of best camping knife from me.

123 Reviews
  • Made in: USA
  • Category name: knives
  • Made in USA or imported

Fallkniven A1

fallkniven a1



Large blade, razor sharp edge, solid construction




Made from the highest quality materials, built to last




10 Year Factory Warranty


Overall Value


Best camping knife on the market, famous for its value and dependability


  • VG-10 Stainless Prevents Corrosion
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent warranty
  • Manufactured by Fallkniven, trusted and household name
  • Large blade perfect for bush craft, chopping, slashing and utility
  • Perfectly balanaced
  • Included sheath


  • Plastic sheath could be better

The Fallkniven F1 is considered the absolute king of camping and outdoor knives. Made from top quality Japanese VG-10 stainless steel and manufactured in Sweden, this knife is second to none.

The handle is an ergonomic non-slip Kraton that won’t damage, wear or slip even when wet. The handle is comfortable and ensures a proper grip on this beast of a knife. Extremely sharp out the box, it resists rust and corrosion extremely well while staying scary sharp thanks to its top-quality steel.

The blade is full tang along with the handle and comes ground in a convex design like ax heads. The convex design makes it suitable for everything from fine dicing and cutting to chopping. The Zytel sheath included is very durable and fits the knife perfect. The knife fits comfortably however you choose to wear and is extremely durable.

This knife is gorgeous and is the ultimate contender for bush craft that others try to impersonate, leaving nothing to be desired.

Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Black
142 Reviews
Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Black
  • Blade material: lam. Vg10
  • Blade length: 160 mm
  • Total length: 280 mm
  • Zytel sheath included

Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Knife

benchmade bushcrafter 162s



Good blade design, useful for general utility




G10 handle is very durable, solid tang construction, S30V stainless steel




Lifetime Warranty


Overall Value


Excellent knife, will last forever if taken care of


  • Made in USA
  • Includes high-quality leather/molded kydex sheath
  • Perfect blade weight & thickness
  • Very good for bush craft, cutting and chopping


  • Sheath could be more comfortable

Benchmade is an incredibly well-known knife company based out of their Oregon factory known for excellence. This knife is no exception, being a beautifully crafted tool that functions as good as it looks. The American made premium stainless steel of this knife offers excellent characteristics of good corrosion resistance and a durable razor-sharp edge.

The handle is ergonomic and manufactured from high-quality, durable G10 than ensures a proper grip no matter the conditions. The drop-point design of this knife makes it incredibly balanced and a pleasure to work. Suited for all outdoor and camping needs, it can handle all the cutting, slicing and chopping you can throw at it and be ready for more.

The included sheath is leather/Kydex depending on whether you purchase the 162 or 162-s (sandy) model. Both have proven to be very durable and easy to carry. The durability shows over time as well, with very few instances of damage or wears on the sheath even after extended periods of time.

Benchmade - Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife Made in USA with Kydex Sheath and Belt Loop, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Satin Finish, Sand Handle
196 Reviews
Benchmade - Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife Made in USA with Kydex Sheath and Belt Loop, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Satin Finish, Sand Handle
  • BUILT FOR THE MISSION: Robust, rugged style meets unmatched function, no matter the application; A robust survival tool that's as versatile as it is tough.
  • AMERICAN MADE CPM-S30V STEEL: For first-rate edge retention and corrosion resistance; Precision drop-point construction for strength and versatility.
  • ULTRA DURABLE G10 HANDLE: Features a resin-soaked fiberglass body that's impervious to moisture and stable across fast-changing climates.
  • FIXED BLADE CONSTRUCTION: Provides enhanced stability when in use; Kydar sheath with belt loop for easy access.
  • A MODERN BUSHCRAFT KNIFE: Built for the toughest jobs where superior versatility is required, the Bushcrafter 162-1 is a true workhorse; Add it to your gear collection, survival kit, tackle box, and more.

Ranger Falcon Knife

ranger falcon knife



Beefy, well-built knife, good for smaller handed people




Made with quality materials, could be used as a prybar




Limited Lifetime Warranty


Overall Value


Great knife for smaller handed people and everyday carry


  • Made in Canada by Ontario Knife Company
  • Good size for everyday carry
  • Durable construction
  • Holds its sharp edge well


  • May be too small for larger handed people

The Ranger Falcon Knife is made by the Ontario Knife company based out of Canada. The knife features a heavy duty built construction with a safety locking mechanism and micarta handles for the 4.25-inch blade. The micarta handle ensures a comfortable non-slip grip no matter the conditions, even when wet. The handle is a bit on the shorter side, however, making this a perfect camping knife for small hands.

The folding mechanism of the knife makes it very compact and easy to carry. The included Kydex sheath adds an added layer of protection; however, it is not necessary to carry the knife around such as for fixed blade knives. The 5160 carbon steel is spring grade and due to its high carbon content it can still hold a great edge and maintain it. Some extra care will be needed to oil down the exposed still to ensure that corrosion does not occur.

Overall, the knife is very suited for everything from fine cuts to chopping. It makes a great all-purpose camping knife that can easily be carried along on any trip.

Ontario Knife Co. Ranger Falcon
53 Reviews
Ontario Knife Co. Ranger Falcon
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Ontario Knife Company
  • Ontario knife Co Ranger Falcon knife
  • 6.75 inch plain edge blade
  • Knife Closed Length: 3.94-Inch

SOG Fixed Blade SE38-N - Best Camping Knife Under $100

sog fixed blade se38-n



High-quality blade, handle, and pommel




Everything on this knife is virtually unbreakable




Lifetime Warranty for Manufacturer Defects


Overall Value


Great knife with included lanyard and MOLLE compatible nylon sheath


  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Quality AUS-8 stainless steel
  • High strength, impact and abrasion resistant glass-reinforced nylon handle
  • Included nylon sheath is MOLLE compatible
  • Beefy and sure to please
  • SOG is a  well known and a top brand


  • Made in Taiwan
SOG’s SE38-N fixed blade knife is nothing short of a near-perfect knife. Virtually unbreakable and sporting a balanced full tang, you can throw anything at this knife (or vice versa) and never see anything less than a sharp, dependable blade. The 6-inch blade is excellent for both fine cuts while also suited for chopping and hacking.

The tool comes with a lifetime warranty that protects against any defects in manufacturing or materials. The high-quality AUS-8 stainless steel has superior durability and edge retention while maintaining an ergonomic lightweight design. The handle is made from textured glass-reinforced nylon to prevent slipping with added finger grooves and thumb notch. The sheath is high-quality nylon that is lightweight and durable to protect the knife wherever you go with it.

SOG is an authority figure of outdoor knives creating some of the best options on the market, and this blade is no exception.

SOG Force Fixed Blade SE38-N - Black TiNi 6' AUS-8 Blade, GRN Handle, MOLLE Compatible Nylon Sheath
105 Reviews
SOG Force Fixed Blade SE38-N - Black TiNi 6" AUS-8 Blade, GRN Handle, MOLLE Compatible Nylon Sheath
  • Virtually unbreakable with a full tang, thick blade and minimal grind design
  • Straight edge, fixed 6-inch AUS-8 steel blade has a clip point shape with a hardcase black TiNi finish
  • Handle has a black finish and is made of a high strength, abrasion and impact resistant glass-reinforced nylon
  • Includes a lanyard, black nylon sheath with a hook and loop closure and MOLLE attachment
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Harnds Folding Hunting Knife | Best Camping Knife Under $50

hardns folding hunting knife



Great locks, sharp edge, compact and comfortable




Bulletproof design, can withstand just about anything




Limited Lifetime Warranty


Overall Value


Excellent knife for the money, great for all purpose utility and survival


  • Folds to fit nicely in a pocket
  • Sharp edge from factory
  • Durable, dependable locks
  • Good blade size, perfect for general utility
  • Includes ballistic nylon sheath


  • May be a bit bulky and heavy for some

Whether preparing for survival, hunting, camping or just a knife to have around the house, the Harnds Folding Hunting Knife can handle the job. The cheapest price-wise of the knives listed, it doesn’t lack in quality one bit. The steel is high carbon quality stainless coated with a titanium black finish or stainless finish on the straight edge version. The 4.2-inch blade length is partially serrated on the titanium black version making it perfect for all cuts and chopping making it a great all-around camping knife.

The handle is a non-slip G10 constructed ergonomic design. This knife is sleek, easy to handle and easier to use. The thumb release locking system is very high quality and is spring-assisted to single handed opening. The ballistic nylon sheath included is an optional carry bonus for the knife. However, it is not necessary. The knife is already very easy to carry being lightweight and compact.

This knife is a great deal for the price. The high-quality construction and blade combined with the rugged materials and ease of moving make this a perfect all-around camping knife for campers of all levels of experience looking for a more compact solution.

Harnds Folding Hunting Knife 4.2' Blade Military-Grade Double Safety Lock Tactical Gear with Sheath
49 Reviews
Harnds Folding Hunting Knife 4.2" Blade Military-Grade Double Safety Lock Tactical Gear with Sheath
  • The folding hunter knife offers smooth one hand deployment for outdoor survival, tasks, fishing, camping, Every Day Carry and etc. strength, speed, safety & durability.
  • Liner lock and lockback provide double guarantee and safety; Ambidextrous slotted double-thumb studs; Comes complete with a pocket clip for easy and safe carry.
  • 4.2" Half serrated blade made with 9Cr18MoV black stainless steel, titanium carbonitride coating. G10 handle chequered with black and red, large finger grooves for comfort.
  • Overall: 9.6 inches; Closed: 5.4 inches; Blade:4.2inches; Weight: 11.3 ounces.
  • Includes a wear resistance Nylon Sheath, transportation on your belt or in a bag; Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Knife

Fixed Blade vs. Folding Blade

Camping knives come as either fixed blade or folding blade tools. Fixed blades share many characteristics with those found in the kitchen and around the house. They have a singular piece of steel which has been treated with heat and forged to create a stronger and safer knife. Folding blades are knives which aim for a middle ground of both the strength and safety of a fixed blade with the convenience that comes with a folding knife and reduced space. Through clever engineering, folding knives can achieve a perfect balance between both.


Size matters when it comes to talking camping knives. Too large of a blade and it may prove to be unwieldy, bulky and cumbersome. Creating snares and properly field dressing game can prove to be hard for an unwieldy knife. The extra blade length may turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Too small of a blade and you may find it hard to get more done with less. While it may be easier to maneuver and handle, chopping, long cuts, and batoning (splitting wood) may prove to be near impossible with a knife that’s too small. The best size for a camping knife would be roughly ten to eleven inches in total length with a five to the six-inch-long blade.

Aside from size affecting practical usage, your state may also have laws determining how long of a blade you can carry. Before making a final purchase, it would be wise to know your state’s laws and regulations.

Blade Composition

Talking knives commonly results in a debate of steel types coming up. Camping knives will fall under two categories:

Stainless Steel

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lower maintenance
  • Harder to sharpen

Carbon Steel

  • Holds edge better
  • Easier to sharpen
  • Corrodes easier

Choosing between the two has sparked a long-time debate, with both types of steel having amassed their followings. Survival and camping fans with commonly have one of each, as neither is significantly superior to the other.

Blade Tang

The best camping knives will have a full tang blade. Full tang means that the knife is one continuous solid piece of metal that spans full-width from the handle to the tip. A full tang knife will be bolted to the handle, making it more durable and balanced.

Single Edged

All camping knives will come with a standard single edge. While some knives may have featured on the back of the blade such as a gut hook, saw teeth or a minor blade, they are still considered single blade knives. Single bladed knives are safer than double bladed knives due to the lack of cutting edge facing the user. Double bladed knives such as the UMSC KA-BAR are fighting knives, and are not considered camping knives even though they can be used as such.

Misc. Utility

Some camping knives also come with features that are not inherent to standard blades. These can include things such as magnesium fire starters or handle studs. While not necessary on a blade, they can be nice additions if implemented well.


All the knives listed here will be great choices for camping knives. These knives are the highest rated and best-in-class choice for all ranges of price. There is no wrong choice, as all the knives are rugged and high quality that are sure to last through almost anything. If you enjoyed reading, please check out our other articles on our blog and share our content!

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