The Best Felling Wedge

tree felling wedge review

Felling wedges are a key tool in any woodsman’s pack.

Felling wedges give you extra muscle that is needed to bring down heavy trees.

Poor quality felling wedges will break or split when being driven into tough trees. Even worse, they could cause the tree to fall in an unexpected direction and potentially damage people and equipment.

You need a good felling wedge to make the job easier.

If you’re short on time, we picked the Oregon felling wedge as the best felling wedge. The wedge’s teeth and durable edge are great for hammering into bore cuts and staying put. The wedge angle is easy to hammer into a bore cut and provides enough leverage to ensure safe felling. The plastic will hold up through years of use and abuse and can be hammered in using the backside of a metal axe head without a hitch. We’d recommend you check out the Oregon felling wedge before you fell your next tree.

Oregon Felling Wedge Review

Oregon felling wedge review
The Oregon Felling Wedge


Easily hammers into bore cuts and holds tightly with teeth. Hard plastic wedges are much safer than wooden and steel felling wedges.



Hard plastic holds shape well after hammering into multiple tight bore cuts. Plastic will likely deform over time after hammering into 20+ bore cuts.



Oregon company warranty covers manufacturer defects.


Overall Value

Best felling wedge for the money. Can be picked up for a low price to add to your felling arsenal.

Oregon Felling Wedge Pros

  • Durable plastic keeps its shape and holds together under tough trees
  • Wedge angle provides great leverage for bringing down the largest trees
  • Teeth along wedge incline keep it secured in the bore cut
  • Plastic is lightweight and easy to carry in a pouch or pack

Oregon Felling Wedge Cons

  • Plastic will likely deform over time with strenuous hammering

The Oregon 8” felling wedge is an effective and lightweight solution that can help you handle even the largest trees. The Oregon felling wedge is made from a durable hard plastic that is both lightweight and durable, making it easy to carry a couple in a pouch or pack. Carrying around a set of wood or steel wedges will tire you out faster since they weigh significantly more than plastic wedges such as the Oregon felling wedges. Felling trees is already hard work, make the job easier on yourself and use a lightweight plastic wedge instead.

The Oregon felling wedge held up great during our tests. We found no deformation of the wedge head even after purposefully striking it with glancing blows. The plastic is super durable and stands up to being pounded into a narrow bore cut with the backside of an axe head with no significant damage to the felling wedge.

Another benefit of the Oregon felling wedge is safety. The durable plastic design won’t send metal shrapnel flying as a result of mushroom dimples being hit. Glancing blows on plastic are safer than glancing blows on metal wedges. Metal wedges can send razor sharp metal shavings flying that could become lodged into eyes, ears, or any exposed skin. A plastic wedge will never send dangerous shards flying since they deform rather than shatter, making them safer than metal wedges.

Plastic wedges are also safer than wooden wedges since plastic wedges won’t crack or send dangerous splinters flying if hit with a bad blow. Having a wedge crack when under a 2 ton tree that is ready to fall is the last thing you want to happen. The Oregon felling wedge will never crack, splinter, or send razor sharp shavings flying. The Oregon felling wedges’ hard plastic design is much safer than other splitting wedges and is one reason you should consider picking a few up.

felling wedge from oregon

Another feature we like about the Oregon felling wedge is the teeth. The teeth on the wedge face help to secure the wedge as you drive it into a bore cut. While smooth wedges usually don’t slip out, there is a chance that a smooth wedge can pop out of slippery greenwood and endanger everyone in the area by changing the path a tree will fall. The Oregon felling wedges’ teeth grip into the most slippery of greenwood and bite down to keep the wedge secure. The teeth also help hammer the wedge in easier. All the energy used to drive the wedge will be focused because the teeth will prevent the wedge from backing out.

In short, the Oregon felling wedge is the best felling wedge because of its safe and durable plastic design with teeth that securely grip the bore cut. You can hammer this wedge home and count on it to bring your tree down safely. These wedges are lightweight, effective, safe, durable, and pretty cheap on Amazon. If you’re looking for the best felling wedge, we recommend you check out the Oregon felling wedge for your next logging job.

Oregon 559245 Plastic Wedge with Hang Tab, 8', Yellow
4 Reviews
Oregon 559245 Plastic Wedge with Hang Tab, 8", Yellow
  • Strong, tough
  • Light in weight
  • Serrations hold wedge in the tree securely
  • Hang tab can be used for retail purposes. If its not needed it will easily detach
  • Bright yellow color makes it easy to locate on the forest floor


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