Morakniv Companion Review 2018 – How Good Is It?

Many campers and outdoorsmen trust their Morakniv knives for making their wilderness adventures easier and more fun. Morakniv knives have a track record of great quality products, and the Mora Companion is no exception. We based our review criteria on effectiveness, durability, warranty, and overall value. Included in our review are our field test results of the Mora Companion. We aim to be honest and accurate in our reviews to help you come to the best purchasing decision for your needs. If you’re short on time, here’s a quick review.

The Mora Companion is a great budget knife that delivers quality, sharpness, and lightweight design into one package. The Mora Companion is good for cleaning game, making kindling, light batoning and setting snares. Stainless steel is great at resisting rust and will last for years to come. A hard plastic sheath is included with the Mora Companion that works great for protecting the knife from dirt, damage, and corrosion. The Mora Companion’s quality hard plastic sheath makes this package a great overall value. If you want a great budget camping or survival knife, we recommend you check out the Mora Companion knife.

Morakniv Companion Knife Review

mora companion and sheath


Sharp blade than can handle game, fish, batoning, and setting snares.  Great rubberized non-slip grip. Good survival knife.



Stainless steel resists corrosion great, but edge will need sharpening more often.



Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects.


Overall Value

Great budget survival knife. Great overall value considering its included sheath and low price tag.


  • checkSharp out the box and keeps edge well
  • checkLightweight at 0.25 lbs
  • checkDurable stainless steel resists corrosion
  • checkRat tail tang keeps blade secured
  • checkDurable non-slip rubberized handle gives a good grip even when wet
  • checkIncludes hard plastic sheath that protects knife form dirt, damage, and corrosion


  • Stainless steel blade means the knife will need to be sharpened after long periods of use

The Mora Companion is a budget survival and camping knife that delivers the same quality as knives that cost 2-3x more. The Mora Companion packs sharpness, durability, and utility into one lightweight package that weighs only 0.25 lbs with the sheath. If you need a knife that can take on tough jobs and but don’t want to break the bank, look to the Mora Companion.

The blade of the Mora Companion is 4.1” long and made from Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. This blend of stainless steel has a good balance between hardness and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is a great choice for budget knives that need a sharp edge and great corrosion resistance. Regular maintenance by cleaning the blade with a clean rag and oiling it with a light machine oil will keep it rust free and in top shape for life.

mora companion closeup

The Mora Companion we tested came pretty sharp out the box. The knife passed the paper cutting test with ease. A paper cutting test is a great measure for a knife’s sharpness. If a knife cuts through paper like butter, you know the knife is sharp. The Mora Companion’s sharp blade is good for cleaning game, fish, making kindling and setting snares. We also tested the Mora Companion against batoning, one of the most strenuous bushcraft tasks that you could expect to perform in the field.

For those who don’t know, batoning is splitting wood by hammering your knife down the length of a log. Batoning is hard on the blade and it’s a great test of its durability. We tested the Mora Companion on a birch log with a 3” diameter and 16” length. We chose this log because the Mora Companion’s blade is 4.1” long, and we needed a bit of blade to stick out the other side, so we could hammer it. Another log was used to hammer in the Mora Companion through the log and baton it. The Mora Companion popped the log in two after batoning it for a short while. There was no noticeable deformation or damage to the blade or handle of the Mora Companion, earning it good marks for durability. The rat tail tang kept the blade secured since it runs 75% of the knife length to keep it securely attached to the handle.

mora companion closeup whittling

We put the knife through the paper test again after batoning to test its sharpness after heavy work. The knife still cut the paper, but it did seem to drag slightly more, pointing to a possible loss of sharpness. The batoning we put it through was very stressful on the blade, so this wasn’t too much of a surprise. 4.1” is a bit on the small side for batoning, so we’re willing to cut the Mora Companion a bit of slack. Typical batoning knives will be bushcraft knives and camping knives that are 7” in length and made out of harder carbon steel. Considering the Mora Companion has a 4.1” blade and softer stainless steel, it’s a great budget knife that performs the same work more expensive knives can.

The handle of the Mora Companion is rubberized with two plastic stoppers on the end. Depending on which color Mora Companion you choose, the plastic bits could be orange, blue, green, black, or even magenta. Choosing a color such as orange can be beneficial in case you drop your knife on the forest floor. A Mora Companion with orange or bright colored plastic on the handle will be much easier to find than a black or dark green handle.

mora companion grip closeup

The Mora Companion’s rubberized grip is a great feature that we think is indispensable. The grip is both comfortable and firm in the hand even when wet. Having a good grip on the knife is essential to safety. A non-slip grip also prevents blisters and ensures that no energy is wasted from the knife slipping on your hand. Instead, all the energy is transferred into cutting.

Our field tests of the Mora Companion's handle left us pleased with its performance. As we stated before, the handle stood up to strenuous batoning with no problems. The Mora Companion handle still had a great grip that’s non-slip even when wet. We really like the Mora Companion’s handle and think it’s a great quality handle, especially for the budget price you can pick this knife up for.

Also included with the Mora Companion is a hard plastic sheath. The sheath comes the same color as you choose for the knife. If you choose a Mora Companion with orange plastic, the sheath will be a solid shade of the same orange. The hard plastic sheath works great for securing the knife and protecting the blade from damage. The sheath has a clip for attaching to a belt loop or backpack. There is no strap or tab to keep the knife secured, but the friction between the knife blade and the plastic sheath keep it secure. The knife can be quickly unsheathed and put back in its sheath whenever needed for easy and quick access.

mora companion knives in sheathes

The plastic protects the knife blade from dirt, nicks and anything that may damage the blade including water. There is a drainage home on the bottom of the sheath to prevent water logging and corrosion that could damage the blade steel. We think the sheath is a great accessory to the knife. We recommend use the sheath included with the Mora Companion knife whenever you’re not using the blade to protect both your knife and you from any damage.

In short, the Mora Companion is a great budget knife that any pepper, camper, our survival enthusiast will appreciate in their pack. The lightweight design and hard plastic sheath makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. The Mora Companion is a tough knife that is resistant to corrosion and abuse. A rat tail tang and sharp stainless steel blade make it a formidable tool that should be used with care. Your Mora Companion’s stainless steel blade will need a touch up now and then, but a few passes through a survival knife sharpener will have it cutting like new. Whether you’re planning on cleaning game, fish, batoning small wood, or setting snares and traps, the Mora Companion is a great tool to consider having by your side.

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch, Orange
3,076 Reviews
Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch, Orange
  • Versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife with a 4.1-inch hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade is ideal for carving, food prep, and cutting tinder
  • High-quality Swedish steel is razor sharp and exceptionally tough; stainless steel blade stays sharp longer than carbon steel, and is less prone to rust
  • Patterned, high-friction grip sits comfortably in the hand, for greater control, safety, and performance, especially in wet and cold conditions
  • Blade length: 4.1 inches (104 mm), blade thickness: 0.1 inch (2.5 mm), overall length: 8.6 inches (218 mm), weight w/ sheath: 4.1 oz. (116 g)
  • Includes a color-matching plastic sheath with belt clip; manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty; made in Sweden



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