G-Shock RangeMan vs MudMan – Which Watch Should You Choose?

You’re here for one reason:

You’re thinking about buying a watch, but are stuck pondering the Casio MudMan vs RangeMan.

Both the Casio RangeMan and Casio Mudman are great G Shock watches.

But which is the better watch? There are several factors to consider. I’ll break down features, comfort, cost, appearance, and more.

Additionally, I’ll help you decide which features matter to you in a watch and help you find the best watch for your needs. If you’re short on time, I whipped up a table as a quick reference guide below.

Image casio rangeman casio mudman
Name G-Shock RangeMan G-Shock MudMan
Barometer & Altimeter
Digital Compass
Solar Power
Atomic Time
Water Resistance 200 meters 200 meters
Dual Time/World Time Support
Moon Phase Calendar
Sunrise/Sunset Times
Case Diameter 53mm 53mm
Case Thickness 17mm 19mm
Watch Band Material Resin Resin
Watch Band Width 22mm 18.2mm
Price Check Price Check Price

Special Features & Instruments

casio rangeman vs casio mudman

When it comes to special features and instruments, one person’s needs won’t the same as another. Consider each of the features carefully to decide which you deem necessary for your watch.

Triple Sensor Package

The RangeMan has Casio’s triple sensor technology that includes a barometer, thermometer, and altimeter all on your wrist. The Casio Mudman has a thermometer, but lacks a barometer and altimeter.

Without a barometer, predicting incoming rainfall and weather patterns will be more difficult and in some environments, impossible. Barometers are a great tool that give you an eye into the future to plan ahead for any bad weather when you’re out in the wild.

If you plan on needing a barometer to determine incoming rain while out in the wilderness surviving, opt for the Casio RangeMan.

Casio RangeMan Triple Sensor special features

The RangeMan’s altimeter is great for navigating using topographical maps by always knowing your altitude above sea level. With a little calibration, the RangeMan’s altimeter is fairly accurate within ten or twenty meters.

Not bad at all for a wristwatch.

While you can get away with just using a compass for navigating, having an altimeter on your wrist may prove useful when studying topographical maps or determining your vertical location on a mountain.

Digital Compass

Casio’s RangeMan and MudMan watches both include digital compass functionality. A digital compass is much more convenient than a physical compass. Carrying a compass in your watch rather than in your pack is a luxury, especially for survival watches. Using the compass instantly with great accuracy and free of hassle is a true gift. Beats the analog method of using your watch as a compass.

Both watches’ digital compass can easily be accessed with one button push. Instead of studying the sunrise and sunset locations, or the stars at night, to determine the cardinal directions, you can push a button on your watch to save yourself time and navigate better.

The RangeMan’s compass operates by showing a digital ticker that points North. The display also shows the current direction you’re facing, assuming that you are holding your wrist parallel to your chest.

The MudMan’s compass works by showing a digital compass dial that will point North according to the direction you are facing. The MudMan’s compass also assumes that you hold your watch wrist out in-front of you, parallel to your chest.

casio rangeman compass vs casio mudman compass

The MudMan and RangeMan watches’ compass have been reported as being very accurate and easy to use for navigation. No matter which watch you choose, you’ll get an accurate digital compass, a must-have feature in survival scenarios and military operations.

Tough Solar Power

Both the Casio RangeMan and MudMan come with Casio’s tough solar power. Your watch battery should last indefinitely and never need to be replaced.

When you get your watch, place it in the window sill and let it charge until the battery level reads “Hi”. At this point, you should be set for life and never need to worry about changing batteries or charging your watch.

Unless you live in a cave for 12 months straight, the battery shouldn’t ever drop below the “Hi” charge level.

Atomic Timekeeping

The RangeMan supports atomic timekeeping while the Mudman does not. Atomic timekeeping means that the watch has a receiver inside that listens for special radio signals at midnight and several points throughout the day.

These radio signals contain timekeeping information that always keep the watch accurate within a few seconds of the actual time.

During a period such as daylight savings time, the watch will automatically adjust and require no user calibration.

casio rangeman atomic timekeeping

If you need the best timekeeping that is always accurate to within a second or two, you'll want to opt for the RangeMan. When combined with the RangeMan’s tough solar power, it can keep accurate time near indefinitely.

World Time/Dual Time Zone Support

Both of these watches support dual time and world time. World time shows the time around the world for multiple time zones at once. Dual time means the watch can track and display time for two different time zones in one display.

casio rangeman casio mudman dual time world time

If you frequently travel or conduct business according to another timezone, these are great features that both watches support. Keep in mind, the Mudman won’t automatically update your time zones. It doesn’t support atomic timekeeping like the Casio RangeMan. If you choose the Mudman, you’ll have to update your time every few months to make sure you’ve always got the right time.

Moon Phase Calendar

casio mudman moon phase calendar example

The Casio Mudman has a moon phase calendar, while the Casio RangeMan doesn’t. A moon phase calendar is a convenient feature to have if you’re a fisherman. Fish tend to feed more when there is a full moon since that’s when tides are highest. While you could always keep track of the moon phases during the day by memorizing them, or at night by looking at the moon, it’s still a great feature to have.

Sunrise/Sunset Data

While the Mudman may have a moon phase calendar, the RangeMan comes with automatic sunrise/sunset data. The atomic timekeeping radio bands also send sunrise and sunset data to the watch. So long as you receive the atomic timekeeping signals, you can access sunrise/sunset data accurate to the minute.

casio rangeman sunrise sunset display

This is much more convenient than having to guess sunrise and sunset times while out in the wilderness. Having dusk sneak up on you while you’re unprepared for the night in a survival situation is a bad experience.

You could measure the sunset and dusk times by gauging your fingers against the sky for approximate times, or you could simply look at wrist watch and now in an instant what time you need to be ready for the night.

If you have a G Shock, it’s likely you’re outside a lot and can only benefit from this crucial data that the Casio RangeMan provides.

Additional Timekeeping Functions

Both the RangeMan and Mudman support a 1/100th second stopwatch for accurate timekeeping in crucial scenarios.

The RangeMan and MudMan both come with pre-programmed auto calendars that track the days of the week and date. Auto calendars are a great feature to have. It’s one of those features you may not think you need.

Once you have the date on your wrist, the convenience of instantly knowing the date isn’t an easy one to give up.


The RangeMan and Mudman both have great durability that G Shocks are known for. Both are resistant to temperatures down to -10 C (10 F). These watches are also mud resistant and shock resistant and are built to last. G Shock watches don’t skimp on quality one bit, and these are no exception.

The RangeMan and Mudman have mineral glass dial windows that are scratch resistant. Mineral glass is roughly 7x harder than standard acrylic glass dial windows. This makes the RangeMan and MudMan extremely scratch resistant and unlikely to scratch even over years time.

Both are extremely durable and will serve great for even the most hardcore survivalists, military, police, fire and rescue workers.

Water Resistance

Both the RangeMan and Mudman are water resistant to a depth of 200 meters (660 feet). This is an incredible water resistance that is further than most divers travel, although these shouldn’t be used as divers watches.

During any non-diving water activity, both of these watches will hold up great. You can wear these watches anywhere and not have to worry about any water getting inside the watch. The video above shows how durable and water resistant G-Shock watches are.


The Casio RangeMan and MudMan both have very similar appearances. Both Casio RangeMan and MudMan have a black exterior with a black band and a typical digital watch display. The RangeMan and MudMan both have red accents around the watch display to highlight key areas like the compass.

comparing appearances of mudman rangeman

Almost everything else about these watches are practically identical. The MudMan has a case diameter of 5.4 centimeters, a case thickness of 19 millimeters, a mineral glass dial window, and an 18.2 millimeters wide band. Casio’s RangeMan has a 5.4 centimeter diameter case, a case thickness of 18.2 millimeters, a mineral glass dial window, and a 22 millimeter wide band.

The only noticeable difference between these two watches is the 4 millimeter difference in bandwidth. To be honest, there isn’t much to debate over here. Both watches look hi-tech and ready for action.


There isn’t too much of a difference between these two watch displays. Aside from a slightly different layout for information like the date, they’re practically identical. Both have a light background with black digits.

These watches have LED back lights that illuminate in them dark for easy reading. The only real difference is that the date is placed differently in different spots.

casio rangeman display vs casio mudman display

The exception to this is if you choose the GW9400-3, which is the RangeMan in tank green. The display for the GW9400-3 is a negative display, meaning it has a dark background with light digits.

This display certainly has a more unique look, but can be harder to read in low light conditions, such as a cloudy day. You’ll be more reliant on the back light to read the display in these scenarios.

casio rangeman gw9400-3 display

The layout of the GW9400-3 display is identical to the GW9400-1 RangeMan, the only difference being color. If you like the RangeMan and prefer a negative display for your digital watch, then consider checking out the GW9400-3.


Comfort plays a big role in deciding whether a watch is right for you. There isn’t too much of a difference between the RangeMan and Mudman. Both have pretty standard G Shock resin bands.

Resin is lightweight and strong, while feeling good on your skin, unlike plastic bands that can pinch or strangle your arm. Resin bands also have enough friction to keep the watch from sliding around on your arm too much, but not too much friction to where to watch feels like it’s ripping out your arm hairs.

The MudMan’s case is identical to the RangeMan’s in size, with only a 1 millimeter difference in diameters and 0.8 millimeter difference in thickness. The MudMan’s band is approximately 4 millimeters smaller in width than the RangeMan’s band.

This is a tiny difference, and doesn’t have much effect on the differences in comfort between the two watches. Whichever ever watch you choose, both are equally comfortable.


One of the most important factors when purchasing any product is price.

Everywhere I’ve looked, the RangeMan tends to be a decent amount more expensive than the MudMan.

If price is a large factor in your decision, then the MudMan seems like a more attractive option.


After laying out all the critical features and benefits of each watch, I feel I’ve done a good no-nonsense comparison of these two watches.

My Opinion of the Casio RangeMan

The Casio RangeMan combines feature rich sensors, atomic timekeeping, style, and durability into a great battery powered G Shock for a higher price than the MudMan. If you like negative displays, the RangeMan GW9400-3 is a great option for you.

The RangeMan doesn’t have many downsides besides a higher price. It has more sensors than the RangeMan plus atomic time. They have similar durability, comfort and styling options.

Overall, I found the Casio RangeMan to be a very solid watch that is worth the price for those interested.

Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch
1,377 Reviews
Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch
  • Solar-powered digital watch in stainless steel with multiple displays, red contrasts, and textured pushers
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • Features digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, sunrise and sunset date, time stamp, Mb6 atomic timekeeping, auto LED, 5 Daily Alarms (4 one-time and 1 snooze alarm), 1/10-second stop watch, countdown timer, day/date/month calendar, and buckle closure
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving

My Opinion of the Casio MudMan

The MudMan runs on Casio’s tough solar power. There’s no worrying about your battery being dead or having to mail it into Casio for a battery change. A trade off for solar power at the MudMan’s great price point is a lack of atomic timekeeping and a few useful sensors.

If you’re fine with manually setting your time and content with only having a digital compass, thermometer, and moon graph, then the Casio Mudman will be a great choice to save money. You’ll also pick up a watch you’ll be proud to own and will last a lifetime.

Thank you so much for reading my comparison of these two watches. Let me know which watch is your favorite and why in the comment section below!

Helpful Sources

Here’s a few helpful resources I found when doing some research for this topic.





    • Good question, there isn’t one really. The 1CR and 1D are made for different markets, so they have different MSRPs and import prices. Both are functionally the same.

      There is also a 1JF version with a carbon fiber band, but besides this version, all GW-9400s are the same.

  1. Very informative review and comparison. Is there a watch that combines basically a Range while adding Moon Phase? That would be a nice addition for hunting/fishing. Headed into NT, Canada and looking for that combination, if it exists.

    • Hey Chip,

      Thanks for writing! As far as I know, Casio only does their watches with either sunrise/sunset or tide/moon. Not both, unfortunately.

      I know that Garmin’s Fenix 5X smartwatch can do both through the use of apps. Smart watches aren’t for everyone though, I know many people prefer regular watches instead.

      Plus, it cost more than the RangeMan and MudMan combined. So definitely not for everybody!

      Let me know what you think!


  2. Just a FYI, I own the GW 9400 Rangeman and the GW 9300 Mudman and the only difference that is really noticeable is the barometer and altimeter versus the moon phase features. The compass is actually easier for me to read on the Mudman.

  3. Nice review, thanks. There’s a version of the mudman that has atomic timekeeping, GW-9300-1JF, which I picked up before the rangeman existed I believe. It’s tougher to find and more expensive though.


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